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Star B Wagyu: Superior Quality Akaushi Beef in Iowa Without Compromising Performance

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Star B Wagyu is Akaushi Wagyu beef cattle raised in Iowa. Focused on improving the beef industry by maintaining Akaushi genes, the Star B team believes in more than just producing excellent calves. We're committed to breeding top-quality beef.

Akaushi (pronounced as Aka-ooshie) is a Japanese Red Wagyu breed of cattle. Originating within Kumamoto, Japan, the breed was created to offer the unique marbling qualities that Wagyu cattle are known to have in the ability of the animal to handle an environment that is warm and work for modern cattlemen.

This unique and highly prestigious breed is sought-after for more than the famous carcass characteristics. Akaushi cattle are distinguished by their marbling with sound structure, high fertility, and modern body types.

Star B's Akaushi cattle are easy fleshing, structurally sound, wean heavier calves and stay within the herds for long periods. As a result, our cattle are able to balance quality meat with appearance and performance.

Our Iowa Based Akaushi Beef uses Akaushi / Angus cross, corn-fed cattle. This gives it unique flavors and effortless marbling. Marbling refers to the white streaks that appear on a slim meat piece.

The amount of marbling can be an excellent indicator of the food's flavor. A lot of people adhere to the general rule that the greater marbling, the better quality of meat. The cattle are fed corn to give it a rich, distinct flavor that is unlike other brands. This enhances the level of marbling and the high quality and taste of meat!

The Akaushi Wagyu Skirt Steak in Iowa is something special and not your typical steak. It's marbled in a rich way, and the steak that is cooked to perfection has a phenomenal beefiness taste and is very juicy! It's perfect for grilling since it is among the most delicious cuts of beef. It's also great in carne asada as well as steak Fajitas!

Visit our buy now page, purchase some Iowa-based Akaushi Beef, and taste the high-quality!

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