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At Star B Wagyu, we love juicy, tender, melt in your mouth beef. That is our passion. We are driven to go the extra mile to produce premium quality, all- natural, hormone free, USDA inspected Wagyu beef.

It starts with the genetics. We use Red Angus females with great dispositions who produce good milk and care for their calves. Then we bring in purebred Akaushi sires with high marbling and carcass traits. This gives us the perfect foundation to build upon.

Next comes the feeding regimen, and with it, patience. You don’t get the tender, marbled beef we are after in 18 - 21 months like the commercial feedlots do. Ours are fed the right way, babied along, with just the right nutrition at just the right time. No added hormones to boost them along- we just let nature take its course, and what a beautiful result!

When our cattle finally reach their final target size, they have their “one bad day” and trust me, they don’t even know it’s coming. They are processed at a USDA inspected facility, dry aged to perfection, then packaged to our meticulous specifications. The meat is stored in our freezers awaiting shipment to your door.

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