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Wagyu Brisket: Things You Should Know but Probably Don’t

Wagyu Brisket. If you've been competing in any of the numerous BBQ circuits for any length of time, you've probably seen this fabled cut of beef. And If you're determined to win with the competition brisket, then you've likely tried it.

Although it's a favorite among serious competitor's BBQ pitmasters, home cooks, or those who are just beginning their journey in the competition, BBQ tends to slither into Wagyu brisket gradually with various degrees of success.

Background – What Exactly is Wagyu Beef?

"Wagyu" simply refers to a Japanese cow, where 'Wa' means Japanese, and 'gyu' means cow. In the beginning, these cows were used for work, breeding, and chosen to increase their endurance and strength.

Due to their heavy work and draft requirements, the cows that were used as draft animals were more likely to accumulate a significant amount of fat intramuscular (marbling) that can be used to provide readily available energy.

Wagyu breeding is tightly controlled in Japan, and a method of DNA cataloging is employed to monitor the animals from birth until slaughter. This method is also used by more specialist cattle breeders in the US, for example, Star B Wagyu.

Grades of Wagyu Brisket: The Beef Marbling Standard (BMS)

Take note that when buying Wagyu Briskets, you'll probably discover the meat in 2 (maybe 3) marbling ratings. Every vendor will label it something else; however, it is usually based on an amount known as "the Beef Marbling Standard."

Typically, you'll find one type of Wagyu Brisket that is set at a BMS that is 6-8. You'll also see an additional tier or a premium version with BMS 9+.

Regarding which method is best for BBQ competitions, It's entirely up to each pitmaster to make the final decision. Certain pitmasters prefer the greater fat content and marbling, while others feel it's too rich. It's all a chemical experiment.

Best Ingredients and Gear for Cooking Wagyu Brisket

OK. So now that you've got an overview of the basics and the capability to answer the question, what is Wagyu Brisket being used by pitmasters competing in competition? You'll need to make sure that you are able to prepare it.

We've mentioned that you'll want to make sure you eliminate the fat a little more efficiently when using Wagyu briskets than you would with a CAB or a prime brisket. If you don't, you could have a less than perfect result.

Before cooking your first Wagyu brisket, ensure that you have the appropriate equipment in your kitchen. We are talking about a top knife, a slick rub, an excellent injection, and other accessories.

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